• Name: SignClickOnceApp
  • Author: Joe Pitt
  • Publisher: Joe Pitt
  • Version: v2.1 (2017-01-16) Release Notes
  • Category: Utility / Software Development
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SignClickOnceApp by Joe Pitt

A PowerShell Script to correctly sign a ClickOnce Application using a SHA256 Certificate.

SignClickOnceApp.ps1 signs all parts of a Microsoft ClickOnce Application using a SHA256, preventing Unknown Publisher warnings being shown to end users of your app.

Microsoft ClickOnce Applications Signed with a SHA256 Certificate show as Unknown Publisher during installation, ClickOnce Applications signed with a SHA1 Certificate show an Unknown Publisher SmartScreen Warning once installed, this happens because:

  1. The ClickOnce installer only supports SHA1 certificates (not SHA256) without a specific override when signing, but,
  2. Microsoft has depreciated SHA1 for Authenticode Signing.

This script signs the various parts of the ClickOnce Application so that both the ClickOnce Installer and SmartScreen are happy.


  1. Click Download above
  2. Extract the ZIP to a suitable location
  3. In Visual Studio ensure Signing is disabled and that the publish location is set to \publish
  4. Publish your application using Visual Studio
  5. Open Microsoft® PowerShell™ and run C:\Path\To\SignClickOnceApp.ps1, with the following options:
    • -VSRoot The Visual Studio Projects folder, if not provided .\Documents\Visual Studio 2015\Projects will be assumed
    • -SolutionName The Name of the Visual Studio Solution (Folder), if not provided the user is prompted.
    • -ProjectName The Name of the Visual Studio Project (Folder), if not provided the user is prompted.
    • -SHA256CertThumbprint The Thumbprint of the SHA256 Code Signing Certificate, if not provided the user is prompted.
    • -TimeStampingServer The Time Stamping Server to be used while signing, if not provided the user is prompted.
    • -PublisherName The Publisher to be set on the ClickOnce files, if not provided the user is prompted.
    • -Verbose Writes verbose output.


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